Samples of the first chapters from each book.

Flock Without Birds is a novel about Western civilization and its blind spot.

It comes in two volumes, of which neither is first nor second.

The novel took twelve years to write.

The award-winning form is an intricate, functional expression of the book's content.

The interest in the book was sparked even before its publication, when Filip Dousek spoke at a Pecha Kucha Night about his writing process.

He used various visualisations to make sense of the multitude of notes he collected over the years.

A flock without birds.

The launch was supported with a low-budget, but high-impact campaign on social networks and the Prague underground. An art gallery provided five carriages of the subway for free – under the condition that we do not expressly advertise the book. We have therefore used torn out pages and single sentence quotes, such as God is a Yeti.

Fidelity is Laziness.

Truth is an Error.

Fear is a Compass.

The godfather of the book is Tomas Sedlacek, Czech economist and author.

He wrote about the novel: "Philosophy links with adventure, technology with poetry and mysticism with logic – all in the tension of the black and white books, that are everything but black-and-white."

"An impressive attempt to combine a philosophical novel with postmodern form."
–Literarni noviny

"A remarkable feat in the style of western bestsellers."

"One of the most pleasant literary surprises of recent times."


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